Sleep & Curl Sponge Macaroon Hair Curlers


Get great curls and waves with these fabulous macaroon sponge rollers.They are super soft, easy to use and won't damage your hair. Simple wash hair and air dry. Divide your hair into sections, smaller for smaller curls and larger for looser waves. Simple wrap your hair into the macaroon insert and roll up to your roots. They do not need any extra hold, they hold by themselves! You can keep these in for a few hours, or wear them overnight. The soft sponge allows you to sleep in them all night – pain free!

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-Perfect for creating small curls or large waves
-Great & Comfortable for sleeping
-Sold as a set of 6
-Measures 2.5″ inner diameter
-Wash hair and air dry
-Wrap each section of hair and air dry or keep in overnight


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